Dental phobia is common and many people often have anxiety about seeing their dentist despite their shares of good experiences. This is because anxiety with dental visits actually stems from fear of the future, while some people develop phobia due to a bad experience, and others merely are not fond of being prodded by dental tools.

Nevertheless, oral health remains important, which is why you need work with your dentist to try your best to overcome your dental phobia or anxiety.

Here are six tips to help you out.

1. Let the dentist know about your fears

By letting the dentist know that you have dental anxiety, it will help the dentist to find the best ways to manage and address your fears. It would also be helpful if you can tell your dentist about a specific dental experience that brought on your anxiety or phobia. By doing so, you will feel that you have more control over the situation when you’re seated in the dental chair. Additionally, this can help you to feel more at ease and relaxed.

2. Let the dentist explain the whole procedure

As mentioned, anxiety comes from the fear of the future or the unknown. It’s normal to feel this way and when it comes to a dental appointment, allow your dentist to explain to you the entire procedure so that you can expect what will happen. You can also ask questions that will help you feel more comfortable.

3. Consider taking medications to relax

For most. anti-anxiety medicines are not required for dental visits but if you are thinking about it, consult with your physician first so that you take only the right medications. You can also grab organic remedies at your local drugstore that can help you achieve a feeling of calmness but again, it’s always best to speak to your GP.

4. Find a dentist you’re comfortable with

There are many dentists in the market today and you can even “shop around” before you settle for one. Find a dentist who can make you feel comfortable so that your anxiousness can be reduced. You can easily figure this out when you visit a dental facility and consult with the dentist.

5. Visit the dental facility before your first appointment

It’s normal to feel stronger jitters when the day of your dental appointment comes close. Of course, you don’t want to skip the appointment because of your anxiousness and one way to get rid of those feelings is to go visit the dental facility before your appointment. You can talk to the dentist again and ask questions about the procedure.

6. Go slow

There is nothing wrong with asking your dentist to go slow, they will more than happy to oblige. If you can, make your first dental appointment a new patient examination. Through this, you can build a relationship with your dentist before you undergo more complex procedures in the future if nessecary.

Wrapping up

The fear of visiting the dentist and undergoing a dental procedure can be difficult because it can prevent you from achieving overall oral health. This is why finding ways to overcome your anxiety is so encouraged, and you can start by using the tips listed above! Remember, you don’t have to do it quickly. Take it one step at a time until you ease yourself into the idea of a dental procedure. You’re doing great.

Our dentists are welcoming and will make you feel comfortable during your dental visit. If you’re looking for a dentist in Salisbury, then get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.