How to use an electric toothbrush - THE dentist, Salisbury

We would like to remind you how to clean your teeth effectively using an electric toothbrush. The same advice applies for any make. We are using an Oral B to show you with, but essentially they are all exactly the same.

How much toothpaste to use with an electric toothbrush?

Just use sparingly; you only need a small amount, don’t go overboard. About the size of a pea is enough.

We have model to show you how to brush your teeth. The toothbrush that we’re using in our video has a 2 minute timer built-in, which is very helpful because you need to know ideally you should have done 1/4 of your mouth once the first buzz occurs, because it’s equivalent of 30 seconds.

So when we brush we cup each tooth and then we move along and along. In our demonstration video, we have little camera just to show how to position your toothbrush, so you can get as much cleaning between the teeth as possible. You want to cup each tooth and stay there for about 3 seconds. If you look how well we can clean in between the teeth and moving along you can see we’re on the gum line. Don’t forget the other side and going near the gum line. Also don’t forget your bitting surfaces.

And there we have Electric Toothbrushes.