Advice on what to do for a broken tooth - THE dentist Salisbury

If you have a broken tooth that’s not painful, or if you’ve lost a filling that’s not painful; if you can manage it, leave it alone. If not you might be able to smooth it with a little emery board if you can get to it. Otherwise you might be able to apply a little bit of temporary filling material that you can buy online or at the pharmacy. It comes as a little paste which you just smear on to the area that has become uncomfortable. That should see you through until we can get it sorted for you.

Before it sets, make sure that you bite your teeth together, as you normally would, on your back teeth to make sure that the filling isn’t to high, otherwise this can be quite uncomfortable for you. Make sure once you have placed the temporary filling material, tap your teeth up and down and just wiggle them from side to side a little bit to make sure it’s not too proud.

If there is is any sensitivity or discomfort, as soon as you have placed something temporally over the exposed bit of tooth, it should settle down and should stay nice and calm until we can get it sorted for you. Also keep it nice and clean with a floured toothpaste.