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A Dental Crown is used to restore a broken tooth.  At THE dentist, Salisbury we are skilled at creating bespoke crowns to restore teeth that are heavily filled, discoloured, broken or crooked.

Where possible, we will create your crown in just one visit, using the CEREC machine, a state of the art piece of equipment that allows us to design and mill your restoration in house.

The machine enables us to take high-resolution 3D digital images of your teeth, and use CAD CAM software to design a restoration that will perfectly match your existing teeth in terms of the shape, colour and natural fit.

Our dentists have total control over every aspect of the design and are able to accommodate all aspects of the look and feel of your new restoration. Once the design is finalised, the machine mills the crown and we are then able to fit this in the same sitting.

You will no longer have to attend multiple appointments for the fitting of your crown, bridge, veneers or inlays, more complex cases may still require a preparation visit.

The CEREC™ machine also means that we no longer need to take uncomfortable impressions or to fit temporary restorations. Instead, you can come to THE dentist and receive stunning ceramic restorations in just one visit.

Our team would love to help you discover how a few well-placed crowns can transform your smile into a picture of beauty and health. Call us on 01722 413 513 or email [email protected] to arrange an appointment.