Advice for what to do if you have bleeding gums - THE dentist, Salisbury

If your gums are bleeding it’s usually due to some inflammation, which is usually down to there being some excess plaque in that area. Now’s the time, as there is not much else to do, to make sure you are keeping your teeth really nice and clean, brushing for 2 minutes in the morning and in the evening, making sure you’re cleaning in-between the teeth as well. Use your interdental brushes as well as your floss and try and do that at least once a day. Twice would be even better! When you are brushing, make sure you are very methodical about it, going as close to the gum as you can because it’s about making sure we are keeping the teeth by the gum as clean as possible.

If it doesn’t resolve use warm salt water or Corsodyl mouthwash, making sure you are keeping things nice and clean. If it doesn’t resolve within a couple of weeks give us a call.