Using TePe brushes to properly clean in-between your teeth - THE dentist, Salisbury

In this video we’re just going to remind you of how we clean in-between our teeth with interdental brushes. We are just going to go through some TePe instructions. I have 2 types pf TePe brushes; there is the short handled one, probably the one that has been around the longest, and we also have a long handled one for patients who would like to use them for their back teeth – because they are a bit easier to get to with those.

It’s quite simple. All you do is pop it in-between the teeth and you want to do 10 strokes in-between each area and then you move along and do another 10 strokes. You can reuse these until they start to look a bit tired. With the long handled one you will find this a little bit easier to get to the back of the mouth. Again you are just going to go in-between the teeth with 10 strokes in each area.