Eat a healthy diet for healthy teeth - THE dentist, Salisbury

In these times, when you can’t get to the dentist as often as you would like to, make sure you are keeping your mouth as healthy as possible by brushing twice a day and keeping in-between the teeth as clean as possible.

The other thing you can also do, is to maintain your diet as well as you can, ensuring you’re reducing the frequency of how often a day you have anything sugary. Try to tag any little treats on to the end of a mealtime and make sure that if you do have anything acidic to eat or drink that you leave it at least an hour, if not more before you brush your teeth.

When you are brushing your teeth, once you have spat out your toothpaste, make sure that you don’t rinse with water. Make sure the fluoride sits around your teeth and carries on to maintain them as healthy as they possibly can be.