No matter where you live in the world, what your status in life is, or how old you may be, there’s one piece of advice that will always apply to humanity as a whole: “There’s no better investment than keeping one’s smile as healthy as possible.”

Unfortunately, this one particular adage hasn’t exactly become a common fixture in the life of every Brit. Most people believe that healthier smiles take a fortune to achieve, even if the opposite is true. On the contrary, creating a smile that radiates and stays healthy forever is an endeavour that can be achieved with a few near-costless habits and practices that are guaranteed to yield the best results.

If your new year’s resolution for 2020 is to have a better smile that you can be completely happy with, here are a few tips that you can closely follow to have a much healthier smile in no time:

Having a perfectly healthy smile begins at home

The secret to having a significantly healthier, brighter, and whiter smile is much simpler than most expect it to be. It entails upholding and following a diligent at-home care regime all year round.

In the same way that diets build great bodies and consistent hard work built colosseums, regular at-home dental care routines keep any kind of smile as healthy as it can be and prevent various conditions, such as tooth decay, gingivitis and gum disease. The effective practice of diligent at-home care relies on two key habits that help keep everything in order:

1. Brushing your teeth

By implementing a regular brushing routine at least twice a day, you’ll be able to clean your teeth of plaque and germs to prevent tartar and undesirable conditions from spreading.

2. Cleaning in between every tooth

Flossing and use of interdental brushes is another important practice that goes hand-in-hand with effective brushing. It helps ensure that even the tightest spots are free of food debris and germs that can damage your gums and teeth.

Another key to a healthier smile: Collaborating with your dentist and hygienist

Keeping your teeth in impeccable shape entails seeking the help of a dentist and hygienist. They will help you with the most appropriate oral hygiene routine for you.

Visiting your dentist and hygienist as prescribed can help ensure that your efforts at home are effective all year round. Visiting your dentist is essential to help spot any issues early so that they can, where possible, be treated with minimally invasive procedures. Your dentist checks a lot more at your examination than you might think, one of these being the soft tissues in your mouth which are screened for oral cancer. A lot of general health problems can appear visible in the mouth so try and view it as important as your annual health MOT with the GP. By visiting the hygienist you are ensuring that your teeth are professionally cleaned and you can get advice on your oral health routine.

Final words

Maintaining a healthy smile for decades to come is a continuous process that entails adopting necessary key practices that can be simply done at home and with the help of your local dentist. Should you find yourself in need of a skilled and trustworthy dental health professional that can keep your teeth in impeccable shape all-year-round, schedule a session with us right away!

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