Sedation, or sleepy dentistry as we like to call it, can really help an individual cope with dental treatment.  Whether it is a long treatment, a cosmetic procedure or just something minor, sedation can give you a helping hand to get your treatment done. Patients often have no recollection of their treatment and it can make a long procedure feel like it is over in minutes. 

Patients that suffer from a gag reflex or dental anxiety, perhaps from a negative experience as a child or adult, may benefit from having their dental treatment carried out under sedation.

What is Sedation dentistry? 

At THE dentist Salisbury we provide intravenous sedation using a drug called midazolam. The drug is administered into a vein in your arm. Sedation alters your level of consciousness. You will still be conscious and in verbal communication with your dentist but the chances are you will not remember much, if any, of your treatment under sedation.

Will I be suitable for sedation? 

Before any sedation treatment we will assess you for suitability. At this appointment we will check your blood pressure and your oxygen saturation. If needed we will also check your weight, and height. Generally, to be able to have sedation you need to be over the age of eighteen and of good general health but do not worry, we will of course go over everything at your sedation assessment.

How will I feel after sedation?

You will need an escort to bring you to your sedation appointment who can drive you home and spend the rest of the day with you. Most of our patients head home to bed after their appointment and wake up the next day feeling normal and with all of their dental work done!

We will always call you the day after your sedation appointment to check in on how you are feeling. 

To book in for your sedation assessment call us on 01722 413513 or email us at [email protected]