How to use dental floss correctly - THE dentist, Salisbury

We are going to start off with some normal floss. I’m going to wrap this bit of floss, which is probably about a foot long, around my middle fingers. Then you have your thumb and index finger to control the floss.

The way to floss efficiently is to go down in-between the teeth, wrap the floss around one side and then pull it up and then go down the same gap but wrap it around the other side and come back up.

There might be some patients who don’t like using normal floss, which is fine, so we have alternative.

You could also use a flossette. They come in all sorts of different shapes and are quite easy, as you just pop it between the teeth and pop it back up. You can try to wrap it around; just pull it up and wrap it around the other side of the tooth and pull it back up.