How to use an interspace brush to clean your wisdom teeth - THE dentist, Salisbury

We’ll show you a little gadget for those of you who have your wisdom teeth coming through and your gum gets a little bit uncomfortable or swollen over the top of it. You can use an interspace brush. It is a long handled brush and it has a single tuft up at the top.

The idea is that, with your wisdom tooth being at the back, you drop the bristles behind the last tooth, sweep the bristles around as much as you can. Try to get them underneath the gum. In the video you can see the bristles splaying out nicely, so they will get underneath the bit of gum that is sitting over your wisdom tooth quite nicely. It might be sore and a bit uncomfortable but, if you can, keep going. If it becomes too uncomfortable, then swap back to salt water rinses or Corsodyl.

An interspace brush is your best defence to keep your wisdom teeth as clean as possible.